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Indiana Photographer Captures Unique Solar Photos

June 5th, 2012

Indiana Photographer Captures Unique Solar Photos

May 2012's solar eclipse created a wake of eye-catching "ring of fire" images as it delighted millions in its path. Indiana photographer Dario Infini successfully completed his "SolArt Project", applying an artistic bent to the annular eclipse.

"The circumstances of clear weather, accessibility and a relatively unobstructed view near the horizon made this a very rare set of photos, potentially once in a lifetime," said Infini. Not that shooting them came without its challenges. Aside from "known unknowns" like the uncertainty of whether unprotected camera equipment might be damaged or even catch fire attempting to focus on the solar disk, there were also unpredictable challenges such as last minute scramblings to replace unaccounted for models and gaining access to private land for the ideal location.

Reflecting on his four years of preparation, Infini mused, "A lot of research and calculations nearly came undone up until the last moment when all the linchpins...

Photographer INFINI Launches SolArt Project 2012

March 13th, 2012

Photographer INFINI Launches SolArt Project 2012

Photographer Dario INFINI has officially launched the SolArt Project 2012, a venture to photograph a solar eclipse in the southwest this May. Solar eclipses happen when the moon passes in front of the sun casting a shadow on a portion of the earth. The shadow travels in relation to the moon's orbit, leaving a "track" across the earth from which the eclipse is visible.

The path of this eclipse scheduled for May 2012 will pass through the west and southwest continental US. Its unusual position low on the horizon provides a rare opportunity to capture a celestial event in context to the earth's horizon and landscape. The effect is visually striking as when the full moon is seen to be near the horizon, giving the illusion of appearing larger than normal.

Dario INFINI noted that in visualizing the scene "for four years", he was inspired to undertake the project to realize his vision. "There are some interesting technical challenges to deal with in photographing an...